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Fly Fishing and Fly Tying October 2019 issue

In This Issue | October 2019

On sale Friday, September 6th, 2019, Only £3.99

  • West to East

    This shrimp had origins on the Isle of Lewis but has migrated well throughout Scotland to the rivers of the east

  • Sandford's Creel

    Chris Sandford documents the £400,000 spring vintage tackle auctions, and looks forward to the autumn ones

  • Autumn low down

    22 gilt-edged tips for low autumn rivers from Roman Moser

  • October rainbows

    Now is the time to target the biggest, fittest, fully finned and naturalised rainbow trout

  • Angling's pet hate

    Investigating the problems and routes to a solution for fishery managers affected by the cormorant

  • King of the flats

    Fishing the remote south coast of Cuba from a mothership

  • Cut and blend

    Magnus Angus reviews an easy going dubbing rake

  • A man may fish

    Meet underwater film-maker, Jack Perks

  • Lovely bubbly!

    The champagne fizz of a reservoir's aerators is often a trout magnet, here's how to tackle fishing them

  • A proper fly

    Magnus Angus reviews Mousey McMouseface - yes, really...

  • El slam

    Colin MacLeod aims to achieve a mullet grand slam in one day

  • Caddis de Leon

    Getting the most out of one Coq de Leon feather

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FF&FT Mall at Scone Game Fair | 28.06.19

Fly fishing and fly tying stands at Scone Game Fair, Perthshire

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Fly Tying 2018/19 | 12.03.19

Marked entries for the Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine January issue's Winter Fly Tying Challenge, sponsored by The Anglers Lodge at Jubilee Lakes

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FF&FT at British Fly Fair International | 01.02.19

Howard Croston, Dave Southall and Mark Bowler will all be appearing at the BBFI

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Free fishing on river Teith as it opens for salmon on Friday | 29.01.19

Stirling Council opens sections for salmon fishing for free as river Teith opens this Friday (February 1) at Callendar

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January Angling Trust auction attracting bids for new initiative | 25.01.19

Fishing tackle and fishings now being auctioned online to raise funds for new joint initiative to work towards cleaning up our waters

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Fishing makes a splash at Countryfile event | 09.08.18

Fishing to feature on the popular Sunday night BBC country programme later this month

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Fly Tying League 4th and final round placings | 13.06.18

Full results from the 4th and final placings of the 2017/18 Fly Tying League, held in association with Anglers Lodge Tackle at Jubilee Lakes

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Latest Blog Entries

Mark Bowler
Mark Bowler | At last, a salmon-friendly summer | 12.09.19

Compared to 2018, this summer has proved to be much more salmon friendly, with catches showing improvement

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Malcolm Greenhalgh
Malcolm Greenhalgh | Thoughts on catch-and-release | 03.09.19

How total catch and release on stocked rainbow trout fisheries can affect the fishery

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Mike Duxbury
Mike Duxbury | Hooking a pike on fly | 09.09.19

Hooking a pike on fly is usually difficult, as the take is often visible

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Allan Liddle
Allan Liddle | Howling at the Moon | 19.07.19

Does an eclipse help trout fishing? Allan Liddle found out... without realising

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The Damp Angler
The Damp Angler | Old Master re-mastered | 25.04.18

During the long winter lay-off an old TE Pritt pattern is discovered and found to be remarkably effective on the Tee

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Charles Jardine
Charles Jardine | Stuff and Nonsense | 01.10.15

"Why can’t people just celebrate going fishing?" Charles Jardine rallies against, what he believes, is a type of 'fishing snobbery'

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Video made for digital versions of FF&FT showing use of (Fordham & Wakefield), reviewed in June 2019 issue by Magnus Angus