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Fly Fishing & Fly Tying March issue

In This Issue | March 2018

On sale Friday, February 9th, 2018, Only £3.75

  • Trigger-point Buzzer

    Bob Carnhill's Poly-rib C Buzzer Pupa

  • Earning your stripes

    Lessons learned whilst fly fishing for large perch

  • Parachute instruction

    The final fly in this year's Fly Tying League

  • WIN!

    A Cortland Competition MkII rod up for grabs!

  • French Polish

    Howard Croston's customised river set up explained

  • Angling Club of the Month

    Waterford City and County Trout Angler's Association is helping to attract youngsters to the sport

  • The Colonels Cold Cure

    Warm the hearts of early season stillwater trout!

  • Sewin in the sunshine

    An effective Spider pattern for daytime sea trout (and salmon!)

  • The vital cog

    Charles Jardine is reassured that the tackle shop is here to stay

  • Fish on!

    How does the salmon take a fly?

  • Tubes with flare

    Magnus Angus reviews a new tube tying system

  • Fantastic Faroe

    Exploring the wild fishing potential of the remote Faroe Islands

More News


Ireland’s first salmon | 23.02.18

The first Irish salmon catches of 2018

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Cork farm decision due | 02.02.18

Environmental Impact assessment information required before granting a licence for a salmon farm off Shot Head

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£400,000 for fishery improvements | 23.01.18

Closing date looms for applications for shares of the £400,000 Angling Improvement Fund, available to clubs and fisheries through grants from England & Wales fishing licence pot

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Small hydro may not be as bountiful | 21.12.17

Future of small-scale hydro schemes threatened by new charges

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Galway Weir faces leap in salmon prices | 21.12.17

Inland Fisheries Ireland increases costs to fish famous Irish Salmon Weir as its future is questioned

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Half-term fishing | 20.10.17

Angling Trust offers an escape into Nature this autumn with three schemes to help people go fishing

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Scottish show introduces special springer fishing ticket | 18.09.17

Scottish Fly Fair introduces special salmon fishing tickets alongside show entry

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Latest Blog Entries

Mark Bowler
Mark Bowler | Parliamentary Inquiry begins with spin from the salmon farmers | 05.02.18

Fish farmers are ramping up their claims to Scotland's economy as Parliamentary Inquiry relating to salmon farming and its affect on wild stocks begins

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Malcolm Greenhalgh
Malcolm Greenhalgh | March 1st beckons | 23.02.18

Looking forward to the first hatches of the season, namely the large dark olive, and the black midge... and preparing flies and tactics

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David Wolsoncroft-Dodds
David Wolsoncroft-Dodds | Batten down the hatches | 15.12.15

For someone who earns their living as a guide, November and December's weather has been very tough.

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Allan Liddle
Allan Liddle | Being social | 06.02.18

Social media can be prone to exaggerated claims, so honesty is the best policy when it comes to adapting flies

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The Damp Angler
The Damp Angler | Pike and other rogues | 21.09.17

The Damp Angler encounters dark forces around his favourite evening haunt

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Charles Jardine
Charles Jardine | Stuff and Nonsense | 01.10.15

"Why can’t people just celebrate going fishing?" Charles Jardine rallies against, what he believes, is a type of 'fishing snobbery'

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Video of the Week

Parachute Olive - the final round fly in the 2017/18 Fly Tying League