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Fly Fishing & Fly Tying February issue

In This Issue | February 2019

On sale Friday, January 11th, 2019, Only £3.75

  • A helping hand

    How hand-lining can save a salmon fishing day

  • Review!

    Barrio Switch 6/7 line

  • Off the beaten track

    Perfect decompression in Assynt

  • Angel of the north

    Modern Tay springer pattern

  • A vintage claret

    Tying and fishing the Claret Pennell

  • Avington charmer

    Charles Jardine returns to the lakes, armed with a small-water secret from Devon

  • French dressing

    A top nymph for fishing with French leader, Euro-nymph or Klink'n' Dink on rivers

  • Snooping on snook

    The next best thing to stalking bonefish is right under your feet - and free!

  • Nudge, nudge

    Add standout to standard patterns

  • £324,000 in September

    Chris Sandford charts the latest rises in the vintage tackle boon

  • Don't neglect the old flies

    There are some patterns which should always be in your box

  • Review!

    Magnus Angus reviews UV resins and a genetic cape

  • When wet becomes dry

    An upwing fly specifically designed to move at the surface

More News


Tickets for the Scottish Fly Fair 2019 | 06.11.18

Advance tickets for the Scottish Fly Fair 2019, held at Stirling, are now available

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Fishing makes a splash at Countryfile event | 09.08.18

Fishing to feature on the popular Sunday night BBC country programme later this month

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30th Scottish Game Fair this weekend! | 28.06.18

Don’t forget! 30th Scottish Game Fair this weekend (June 30, July 1 & 2) at Scone, near Perth

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FF&FT marquee at Scottish Game Fair | 15.06.18

Magazine to host special fly fishing section in large marquee at this year's Scottish Game Fair

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Fly Tying League 4th and final round placings | 13.06.18

Full results from the 4th and final placings of the 2017/18 Fly Tying League, held in association with Anglers Lodge Tackle at Jubilee Lakes

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Fly-tying League 3rd round results | 13.06.18

Full results from 3rd round of the 2017/18 Fly Tying League, held in association with Anglers Lodge Tackle at Jubilee Lakes

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Trust in Yorkshire | 17.05.18

Wild Trout Trust meets in Yorkshire at the weekend

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Latest Blog Entries

Mark Bowler
Mark Bowler | ‘Off the reel’ or ‘hold a loop’ for salmon? | 12.10.18

Another 'perfect Wednesday evening' offers the chance for an experiment in comparing two different methods of hooking salmon

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Malcolm Greenhalgh
Malcolm Greenhalgh | Partners and kids, holidays and fairs | 21.12.18

Malcolm Greenhalgh has a few final thoughts for 2018

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Mike Duxbury
Mike Duxbury | ‘Tis the season for pike | 21.12.18

A cold, still winter’s day is the perfect time to start fly-fishing for pike, no matter where you live

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Allan Liddle
Allan Liddle | First ever Spey Fair takes place in January | 10.01.19

River Spey Angling Association Fly Fair to take place on January 19

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The Damp Angler
The Damp Angler | Old Master re-mastered | 25.04.18

During the long winter lay-off an old TE Pritt pattern is discovered and found to be remarkably effective on the Tee

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Charles Jardine
Charles Jardine | Stuff and Nonsense | 01.10.15

"Why can’t people just celebrate going fishing?" Charles Jardine rallies against, what he believes, is a type of 'fishing snobbery'

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Video of the Week

Jeremy Paxman speaks out about salmon farming and the demise of the Loch Maree once one of Scotland's premier fisheries