Written by the Editor of FF&FT, the Manual has been produced to the traditional Haynes format, using 600 informative photographs, 80,000 words and 35 diagrams and featuring over 100 flies over 228 pages.

It covers the flies, gear, techniques and flies for all aspects of fly fishing on streams, rivers, lakes, canals, man-made stillwaters, and even saltwater. It covers fishing for brown, sea trout, rainbow trout, grayling,  salmon, bass and pike, with specialist contributions on tackle (Magnus Angus), mullet (Colin Macleod), tenkara (Dave Southall).

It covers all the basics required to tackle the full range of fly fishing opportunities, and is strewn with helpful advice and hints for intermediate fishers, but contains sufficient tips and information to keep the advanced fly fisher interested, too.

It features:

• The fish you are tying to catch, and getting to know your quarry. Plus accessing fly fishing

• Choosing the right kit for the job, setting it up, and how to cast with it

• Types of flies and understanding why and how they can be used to best effect

• Fishing on lakes, rivers and wild lochs, and the range of tactics you can employ to your advantage

• All the extra skills you require to be more successful – retrieves, playing fish, handling a boat, and presentation casts

• Mastering the modern specialist styles: Saltwater fly fishing; Pike on fly; Float-tubing; Tenkara