1504, 2022

A wedding in waders

By |15.04.22|

Allan Liddle wades straight from the river Clyde into a wedding reception... without an invitation The perfect match. Photo: Shutterstock/ Slagian Peiovici ...

402, 2022

Olive Comparadun

By |04.02.22|

Using and dressing a 'go to', buoyant and durable dry fly pattern A durable, buoyant and reliable dry fly Olive ...

2610, 2021

Depth at the double

By |26.10.21|

When you want to fish the fly deep in fast flows and white water, the a double-beaded Nymph is sometimes the only way to ...

1006, 2021

Tying the Yellow Greenwells Spider

By |10.06.21|

A very simple and yet very effective spider pattern for me is undoubtedly my Yellow Greenwell the original of which I first came across ...

906, 2021

Easy tie Damsel Nymph

By |09.06.21|

Everyone’s got a Damsel pattern in their armoury, or to be more exact probably several of them, but how many of them are simple ...