1504, 2022

A wedding in waders

By |15.04.22|

Allan Liddle wades straight from the river Clyde into a wedding reception... without an invitation The perfect match. Photo: Shutterstock/ Slagian Peiovici ...

404, 2022

To meet the first March brown

By |04.04.22|

Meeting the first March brown hatch of the season is always exciting, but beware... Meeting the March brown hatch can bring exciting ...

1702, 2022

A week on Cayo Cruz (final day)

By |17.02.22|

Cayo Cruz, Cuba. Day 6. 'El ultimo dia'. Finally winds had fallen light, and the tropical sun shone with a vengeance as an armada ...

402, 2022

Olive Comparadun

By |04.02.22|

Using and dressing a 'go to', buoyant and durable dry fly pattern A durable, buoyant and reliable dry fly Olive ...

501, 2022

Cayo Cruz, Cuba. Day 4

By |05.01.22|

A cold-front day is saved by jungle-busting for tarpon Nigel Horsman in action on the 'snow-white' flats. Day 4 At ...

2312, 2021

A week on Cayo Cruz (Day 3)

By |23.12.21|

Colin gets a first attempt to wade alone, but the conditions are testing Five-pound bonefish for Colin under testing conditions. ...

1412, 2021

A week on Cayo Cruz (Day 2)

By |14.12.21|

Day two of the hosted trip at Cayo Cruz yields more bonefish excitement and a red-letter day for permit Colin with his ...