2610, 2021

Depth at the double

By |26.10.21|

When you want to fish the fly deep in fast flows and white water, the a double-beaded Nymph is sometimes the only way to ...

508, 2021

Switch-rod nitty gritty

By |05.08.21|

When it comes to Switch rods, it is possible to get in deep and over your head very quickly.  The switch rods (matched with ...

1006, 2021

Tying the Yellow Greenwells Spider

By |10.06.21|

A very simple and yet very effective spider pattern for me is undoubtedly my Yellow Greenwell the original of which I first came across ...

906, 2021

Easy tie Damsel Nymph

By |09.06.21|

Everyone’s got a Damsel pattern in their armoury, or to be more exact probably several of them, but how many of them are simple ...

906, 2021

Itchen for a grayling

By |09.06.21|

You will often find me at the mouth of a river where it runs in to the sea, stalking mullet as they feed in ...