May 2019


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Angling club of the month

A club with 18 miles of river fishing in the Yorkshire Dales up its sleeve!

Attract and decieve

Viggo Larsson demonstrates his deadly Flash-back PTN

Banking on Bewl

Charles Jardine fishes Bewl with Bob Goble

Blowin' in the wind

Exciting modern fly adaptations for dapping on the reservoirs

Fly Tying 2019

The Novice entries are judged!

Hanging on the line

Tactics and flies for trout showing at the surface

One cast, make it a good one

Reflection on the autumn Salmon Schools

Polished Performer

Phillippa Hake ties a 'must have' fly


Win a Mackenzie Phased Density 5 shooting head line

Special teams

Wild trout fly teams for bank and boat

11 in stock

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