December 2018


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A dry for all seasons

Tie this fly to use if fish rise at any time of the year

Angling Club of the month

Carloway Angling Club - the community run estate on the west coast of Lewis

Bring me sunshine!

Howard Croston returns from the World Championships with observations on the sun's influence on river trout

Courting lady luck

Adam Fewtrell looks at ways fly fishers can stack the odds in their favour

Dimples at the surface

Why fishing dry flies, reading rise-forms, and the hooking of grayling is different to that of trout

Growing up on Farmoor

Charles Jardine fishes the Oxfordshire reservoir with two of its rising stars

Ireland's silver furlong

Casting into one of Ireland's best salmon pools, right in the heart of Galway city

Mullet and meteorology

The sizzling summer heatwave triggered amazing sessions of mullet-fishing for Colin MacLeod

On the bench

Magnus Angus reviews a tyer's tool wheel... and more

Shimmer and shape

See-through Baitfish - how to tie it

Win a Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Line

Enter our quiz this month to win the TT line of your choice!

Winter Fly Tying Challenge!

FF&FT's new fly tying competition is announced

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