April 2008


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Coming short

Why offering the trout a smaller portion may produce dividends.

Fly of the Month

Tie the fly some rate alongside Sawyer's PTN - the Micro Sniper.


Pearls of the Tay; the River Clyde, the 'People's River'; and South Uist, the jewel of the Hebrides.

Morgan & Son

Current developments in Welsh angling and two more Dai Lewis flies.

On the wild beat

The delights of Donegal's Gweebarra River, which has now been split into six beats.

Picking pockets

An exciting way to fish pocket water with streamers.

Something in the air

The important elements which influence spring salmon fishing.

Taking Stocks

Lancashire's hot-spot ... Stocks Reservoir and Roger Beck.

Textbook tying

Tie the Scratch Head dry, a fly specifically devised for challenging rises such as a flat calm.

That 'fooled you' moment

Discussing some of the conundrums and questions around 'imitative' fly-fishing.

The wild trout's wish list

Neil Patterson begins a new series where he showcases flies which simply work, beginning with the Grizzle Mink.

The Wind cast

How to cast in an awkward wind.

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