For surgical precision cutting and picking at the vice

Stonfo Trimmer. Small sharp, replaceable blade on one end, strong needle on the other. (Spare blades in the green box).

Slightly odd tool, part of a family of Stonfo tying tools. The handle and rear end of this is the same as the Stonfo Cutter featured last issue.

That tool has a V-shaped blade at one end of a shaped handle and a strong conical bodkin at the other. This Trimmer has the same handle, the same bodkin and cap at the ‘other’ end.

On the working end I have a good, strong rigid cap. Pop that off to reveal a small blade – this looks like a section from a craft knife or utility blade – the Trimmer comes with three spare blades.

Wickedly sharp! I guess this is to be used like a scalpel, cutting close and precise. This Trimmer, and any scalpel, can actually cut closer and more precisely than scissors because the cutting blade is thinner than scissor blades and a great deal sharper.
With this trimmer in my hand I’m wondering (a) why fly dressers use scissors far more than scalpels? and (b) will this change how we tie flies, even in some small way?

I have tried tying with a scalpel and that bare, extremely sharp blade is not for me. Using scissors I have never accidentally cut myself and rarely cut thread or materials I don’t mean to cut at the vice. I’ve done both when working with scalpels. My eyesight and dexterity favours scissors.

Price: £11 to £12.
From: Stonfo stockists.