Yards of hot-spots

Sixteen 100-yard spools, almost a mile of brightness.

Two products from Veniard here: same material and colours, the choice is between 100- or 25-yard spools.

Glo-Brite floss is a stretchy nylon material, dyed in a range of 16 vividly fluorescent colours. The dye used is daylight fluorescent, meaning it absorbs short wavelength UV light – which we can’t see – and reflects visible, slightly longer wavelength, light. So Glo-Brite floss makes very bright, highly visible hot-spots, tags and tails. It does not reflect UV light.

Glo-Brite floss has been a tying staple for many years. The colour consistency of the range is remarkable, I have spools which must be 20 years old, match the numbers and the colour of a modern spool is the same. Anyone who dyes tying materials knows how unusual that is.

One or two of these colours are very popular with competition anglers, but all are useful.

Both these packs include the full range of colours, personally I’d go for the 100-yard spools.

Price: Pack of 16 spools – 100yd about £26.50;
25yd spools around £20.
From: Veniard stockists.

Half a dozen strands of Glo-Bright No.6 (Hot Orange) to make an attention-grabbing orange floss tail.

Tag wrapped with Glo-Bright No.12 (Lime Green) – I caught the floss on the hook-point while wrapping this, which well illustrates the fibres in the floss strand can and will fray.