Supporter to run seven marathons in seven days to help protect wild fish and their waters

Lucca will run seven marathons in seven days in aid of the charity.

This week, Lucca Froud is in the process of running over 300 kilometres (186 miles) in a seven-stage ultra-marathon to raise awareness of the crisis facing wild fish and their waters.

On Wednesday, Lucca began the first of seven, daily marathons, which he will complete over the course of one week. He started in London, at Marble Arch, aiming to cross the finish line at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

A WildFish supporter, Lucca set himself this enormous challenge to raise funds for the charity: every penny he raises will fund WildFish’s work to protect vulnerable freshwater species and habitats.

He says: “The climate crisis is the single most significant threat to humans and the natural world. Central to the fight against it are our wild fish and their waters.

“Our rivers and oceans are not just beautiful ecosystems, but they are also the largest carbon-sink on earth, storing 93% of all carbon. Far more effective than any rainforest, aquatic plants absorb as much as 35 times more carbon than land plants. We simply must defend our rivers and ocean as the survival of fish and mankind is inextricably dependent on the other.”

You can support Lucca an Wild Fish by donating via this Just Giving page.