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Sunray World Championship Nymph fly line

By Magnus Angus

"On the spool this looks almost ridiculously thin."

Designed to comply with FIPS rules.
Designed to comply with FIPS rules.

On the spool this looks almost ridiculously thin. The key to this line is in the subtitle – “FIPS legal micro-diameter nymph line 0.55mm.”

FIPS rules require a fly line on the reel, no thinner than 0.55mm. This is designed to be exactly that.

Since diameter is the key characteristic, with a fresh battery in my trusty digital calliper, I started checking. Thing is, fly line is plastic in the other sense of the word, meaning it is flexible squeeze it between the metal jaws of a micrometer or calliper and you can see it compress. I found myself measuring 0.55mm and a tiny bit less if I squeezed the line.

This had me wondering how FIPS invigilators would check fly-lines. The current FIPS rules are available under ‘Documents’ on www.fips-mouche.com. Article 27 specifies fly lines:

“27.1. Any factory made floating, sinking or sink tip Fly Line may be used, except for lead core lines. Every fly line used in a FIPS-Mouche competition shall have a minimum coated diameter of 0.55 mm (0.22”). Only fly lines meeting this requirement are authorised for use in FIPS-Mouche competitions (not to fit in the 0.53 mm slot in the gauge).”

Go looking for the gauge in the FIPS rules and you find a diagram of a neat, if complicated, rectangle with assorted carefully specified holes and slots used to measure flies, beads and the rest – and a 0.53mm slot. If a fly line fits in that slot it is too thin. A beautifully simple, practical solution eliminates the problem caused by squeezing a line between metal jaws, cheap so invigilators and competitors can have a gauge and use it, incredibly easy to use.

That said, the reality of this form of fishing means the fly line may never actually get wet, so the need for a FIPS legal line remains a little absurd.

Sunray have opted for a dark line – on a dark rod it is virtually invisible. The core is monofilament, and seems quite fine, the PVC coating is smooth and otherwise conventional.

Looking at this on a reel, this needs a large arbour, for that matter it needs an LA reel with a shallow spool. On a mid-arbour or conventional reel I need a massive amount of backing to fill the spool.

This fly line is one of a very small group of lines made specifically for FIPS rules – all of which must be no thinner than 0.55mm. This looks expensive but the market/need for these is small, so the price is justified.


Price: £60.
From: Sunray
Tel: 07507 905850

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