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Sense Stour Reel

By Magnus Angus

"A modern, fully machined, large-arbour reel with a sealed disc-drag."

Modern large arbour, fully machined reel.
Modern large arbour, fully machined reel.

This is the #7 model, a smaller #5 version is available. A stylish, slightly quirky reel. Body and spool are machined from barstock. No play between the body and spool. Undo the captive nut holding the spool in place and the body is really a bar, with a reel foot on one end, a line guard on the other and a neat, red sealed drag-unit in the middle. I have seen similar deconstructed  reel designs, but never at this price.

The main quirk is that the knob to adjust the drag is behind the body-bar in the middle of the reel. Easy enough to get at when all is quiet, but wearing gloves or with wet, cold hands, or when the spool is moving maybe not so easy. That said, the drag is sealed, turns smoothly and can be adjusted quite finely – good drag. This is set for left-hand wind, it comes with no diagram or instructions. So being an intrepid IKEA veteran, I unscrewed the drag cover reversed the needle-bearing and switched drag direction. Dead easy if you have a screw driver and the least idea how modern reels work. (An instruction sheet, or something online would be nice.)

The machining is good, crisp and smooth. Running my hand over the edges they are not as rounded as they might be, that said, I'd have no worries that my line could be damaged. This weighs 126g which is light, the listed capacity is a WF7 with 100 yards of backing – plenty for any freshwaer fishing I'd use this for.

Sense sell this reel for £89.99 – for a modern, fully machined, large-arbour reel with a sealed disc-drag that is something of a bargain.


From: www.sensefishingtackle.co.uk

Price: £89.99

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