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Sense Nine ‘0’ Seven

By Magnus Angus

"For the price this is a rather nice rod which casts very well."

Fast action, very light, 9ft 7-weight.
Fast action, very light, 9ft 7-weight.

This a 9ft 7-weight, hence the name. A 9ft #7 rod is slightly unusual, most 7-weights I handle are longer, unless they are intended for saltwater; I'd say this is for bank fishing on smaller stillwaters. The seat is listed as 'freshwater' which is a pity, this would make a nice, light saltwater rod.

The Sense comes nicely packaged - canvas bag and nylon covered tube. A four-piece rod, but there's five sections in the bag, this comes with a spare tip section which adds to the sense of value (and this is not an expensive rod).
The tube and rod are marked Nano, indicating that the carbon-fibre prepreg used to make the blank has nano-spheres in the resin, making the blank tougher and lighter.

Assemble the sections, this has alignment dots which is a nice bonus, some sections 'run over' the dots as I push the section home, which is a little odd. The bare rod feels very light indeed. I matched this to a WF7 floater. I expect a 9ft rod to feel light, this feels exceptionally light in my hand. The action is fast, recovery is crisp. When I stop firmly I can see a slight wave running away from the tip out along the lower leg of the loop – a slight wave and perfectly acceptable.
This feels so light and positive; casting is fun. Overhead this can cast a full line with relative ease, at medium and short range I found it coped well, maybe a little stiff for very short casts, but frankly that's a quibble. The fast, crisp action and simple lightness in my hand means throwing mends, curves and the like is highly practical, it roll and Spey casts well for the same reasons.

Looking at the build, the guides are neatly whipped to the blank, the varnish covering the thread is sound, completely sealing the thread but it looks heavy, most of the whippings are coated with more varnish than needed. That said, there are neat details: turns of silver thread at the joints, a fly keeper at the butt. The full wells grip is comfortable, turned from a fair grade of cork, some filling and slight figuring. Compared to rods at this price this is better cork than I might expect. Sense have fitted a skeleton reel seat, it looks like the spacer is missing, but was designed that way. The seat is light, my reels fit well, I like that the moving ring which slips over the reel foot cannot turn and scuff my reel, double-locking nuts for belt-and-braces security.

Personally, this feels like a rod for floating lines, maybe intermediates – from the bank of a small stillwater I doubt I'd need anything more. For the price this is a rather nice rod which casts very well.


Sense Nine '0' Seven
9ft #7
Sections: 4
Action angle: 74 degrees
Stiffness: 197.4g
Weight: 104.4g
Rings: Two lined butt ring, snakes
Handle: Full wells.
Fighting butt: Small
Cork quality: Fair
Reel seat: Aluminium skeletal
Blank: Gloss blue
Thread: Dark blue
Build quality: Fair
Rod bag: Canvas
Rod tube: Nylon covered
Price: £89.99
From: www.sensefishingtackle.co.uk

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