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Salmon Fly Patterns 1766-1914

By Magnus Angus

This book is part of a bigger work, the third volume in The History of Fly Fishing series. To be honest, I have seen nothing like this before. Herd has researched and assembled ‘all’ salmon patterns from 1766 to 1914. The research involved must have been prodigious; just assembling the information must have been a daunting task. This is very much an academic book, a true work of reference. By itself I’d guess this will appeal to a small group of fly tyers, passionate about classic salmon flies. Without that passion I don’t see why one would want this. That said, there is a curious fascination in these pages. Herd lists the patterns as they were written, actually this lists the lists – so I have the reference to the original text and the patterns are then given verbatim. I doubt this qualifies as a primary text but it seems like a solid and remarkable source text-book to me. On its own, Salmon Fly Patterns 1766-1914 has very limited appeal, but as part of a bigger project – a quite extraordinary project – this is an essential component.


Salmon Fly Patterns 1766-1914
By Andrew Herd
Published by Medlar Press
Price: £20 hardback

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