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By Magnus Angus

"Interesting little gadget."

Palm-sized, wind on a leader and clip it shut.
Palm-sized, wind on a leader and clip it shut.

Interesting little gadget. Open the small box and reveal an oval frame designed for holding a leader or tippet. Hook on a fly and wind up the leader, close the box and snap the fastener. The box is ventilated so flies can dry ready to be re-used. This model fits in the palm of my hand, so a few of these could easily drop into a pocket. Useful when I switch fly and leader, say from a light dry fly to a heavier nymph system. I use tapered leaders so this is a practical way to store a leader for re-use without trying to stuff it back in the packet. More than useful when I tackle down a tenkara rod and wonder what to do with the tippet and fly.


Sizes and models are colour coded for easy identification, this yellow type comes in a 4-pack for £5.50.
Distributed by Fishing Matters
Tel: 01963 31623
www.fishingmatters.biz for stockist details.

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