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Mill Tackle 10ft #7 4 pce

By Magnus Angus

"The emphasis here is on easy feel and relaxed casting, get in tune with that and this is an enjoyable rod."

10ft #7 from Mill Tackle.
10ft #7 from Mill Tackle.

That grip should look familiar, this is the bigger brother to the Mill Tackle 9ft rods featured in the March issue. As before, that grip is an attention-grabber, a woven carbon-fibre skin over a firm foam core. As before, this is a good looking, UK-made rod, built on a blank developed with Century Composites. Again, the build quality is high, I particularly like the look of the acrylic spacer in the reel seat.

In my hand this full-wells grip feels long, it measures about an inch longer than my usual rod, and a little shapeless. I appreciate the quirkiness and the ‘perfection’ of this grip, but I’d prefer a shorter, shaped cork grip. On a 10ft #7 I want a firm hold, I don’t want the rod slipping and I found this tending to slip. Most of that is personal preference, and I know Mill Tackle offer this rod with a very good cork grip as one of their bespoke options.

In the hand, this is light, the action is smooth the rod bends deeply. Before measuring I’d say this is not a stiff 7-weight rod, aimed more at feel than brute power. After measuring the stiffness and action angle, the figures show that for a 7-weight this is an unusually low-stiffness rod (the stiffness surprised me.)








Stylish acrylic spacers complete an excellent reel-seat.








Lined butt-rings, single-leg snakes.








A carbon-fibre skin over firm foam.

Matched with a #7 line I found myself looking for a longer stroke, understandable given the stiffness, and moving the rod a little slower – meaning I had to slow myself to a pace the rod wanted. Loops were then nicely shaped, more pointed than exceptionally narrow. I could see some wiggles in the lower leg of the loop, coming from the rod tip, a stiffer rod might have damped down sooner.

All that said, this is an easy casting rod which can throw a long line. Even at short range this rod bends nicely and forms a loop well. Personally, this is a rod for floating and intermediate lines, it can cast sinkers, but I prefer a stiffer rod so I can lift more line. For sinkers, I might match this with #6 lines.

To my mind this is the type of rod I might want on a river or on the bank of a small stillwater. On a larger water, bank of boat, I want more power. The emphasis here is on easy feel and relaxed casting, get in tune with that and this is an enjoyable rod.


Mill Tackle 10ft #7
Sections: 4
Action angle: 70 degrees
Stiffness: 109.3g
Weight: 101.3g
Rings: Two lined butt-rings, single-leg snakes
Handle: Full-wells
Fighting butt: Yes
Cork quality: n/a
Reel seat: Acrylic spacer
Blank: Matt carbon black
Thread: Black
Build quality: High
Rod bag: Canvas
Rod tube: Aluminium
Price: From £395
From: Mill Tackle
Tel: 07739 377 776

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