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MacKenzie DTX G2 Shooting Head Multi Tip

By Magnus Angus

The wallet carries the spare tips for a very compact, handy and flexible line system.
The wallet carries the spare tips for a very compact, handy and flexible line system.

This line system arrived with the 14ft Perflex featured here last month, essentially all the casting time I have had with this line was with that rod. This is a 42g 12.5m head, to have a functioning line I need the shooting head pack plus a running line.

I have to say I like modern shooting heads for double-handed rods, a relatively compact head with a slight rear taper, a durable and reliable loop linking head to the running line and I am off and running … err … casting. With the main part of this shooting head I have a wallet containing four tips, in four different densities: floating, intermediate then two faster sinkers.

Now, like a lot of salmon fishers I have a few sinking leaders, poly leaders, which I attach to the tip of my floating and intermediate lines. My conventional fly lines are tapered, the tips are extra - part of the leader, and more or less mess with the way my fly lines handle and cast. The tips for this multi-tip head are really the front taper of the fly line, or much of that taper, so this line is quite different, and casts rather better. The intermediate and sink-tips are likely to be the default lines. Using those tips I don’t need poly leaders. Turnover is cleaner and easier.

Looking at the parts of this system it may seem complicated, but the reality is I have one reel and a wallet of four leaders – replacing two reels and spare spool (three fly lines) and a few poly leaders. Switching lines means replacing the tip only. Incredibly convenient, I can replace a tip without getting out of the river. The loops in the fly line are neat and well protected by what looks like shrink-tube. Most of the time the loop-to-loop joints are outside the tip, I can hear the joints running through the rings when the head is inside the tip, but I have yet to experience any issues with the line flowing through the guides.

This is a system of sink-tips, I have mixed memories of sink-tips, some of which had a nasty habit of kicking as the change in density reached the loop. The result was not always pretty. Thankfully, these seem to behave themselves. I guess the difference is this is a fairly hefty shooting head, so the floating section of the head has plenty of mass with which to control the tip section. In any case, I can get a fly where I want it, the line handles nicely. Hugely convenient and cheaper than the combined cost of the two or three fly lines and clutch of leaders it replaces.


Price: Mackenzie Extreme Running Line £29.99; Mackenzie DTX G2 Multi-Tip Shooting Head Line £84.99
From: www.mackenzie flyfishing.com

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