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Jarvis Marine Watersnake - VenomĀ ETB 54/42

By David Wolsoncroft-Dodds

"A great piece of equipment that will add to your fishing pleasure."

The Jarvis Marine Watersnake
The Jarvis Marine Watersnake

For many years, an electric outboard motor has been an important piece of my fly fishing equipment. I was sent a new one to review at a fortunate time as my old machine was starting to creak. (I don’t mean this as a criticism – I’m a full-time guide and the motor had taken more than a normal lifetime of wear and abuse!)

The Jarvis Marine Watersnake 54lb thrust model is now attached to the transom of my boat. I link it to an 80 amp-hour leisure battery. I much prefer to use these smaller batteries rather than 110 amp-hour models – if the smaller unit won’t last the day, I take a second one. The larger batteries are awkward to carry any distance and a trickle charger can struggle to fully recharge them overnight. My 4x4 has a charging device in the load-space which is extremely useful.

One 80 amp-hour battery is more than sufficient for a day on the 50-acre old estate lake that I guide on. A 370-acre natural lake, where I also fish requires a second battery. An electric outboard struggles on much larger waters such as some Irish loughs and English reservoirs. However, whilst I will then use a petrol engine to travel to a specific part of the lake, I will also attach my electric motor to manoeuvre the boat in the area I am fishing. Whether I’m fishing for pike or trout, the electric motor gives me a degree of stealth that is impossible with a petrol engine and is altogether more convenient than taking to the oars.

The Watersnake is a well-made motor and performs faultlessly. It has five forward speeds and two reverse which provide flexibility for travelling and for fine-tuning drifts. The top forward speed won’t let you tow a water skier, but is fast enough to propel my 15’ boat calmly across the lake. At £225.00 (a battery will add about £70 to the outfit) this represents great value for the extra efficiency it can bring to your boat fishing.

Several of my guiding clients have bought electric outboards after experiencing with me how useful they can be. This particular model has proved popular and reliable. It is more keenly priced than some other motors on the market, but is a great piece of equipment that will add to your fishing pleasure.


Price: £225.00
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