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By Magnus Angus

Pre-formed detached bodies, Mayfly versions come with tail fibres, Stimulator and Hopper are tail-less – suitable for Caddis or the like.

Tube Body’s are made from long dubbing fibre wound around a mandrel (often a needle of some sort) cemented and removed from the former. These tubes are tough so they can withstand casting, how they stand up to a few fish chewing on them is down to the fish and a little luck.

On a short-shank or curved hook, with a little dubbing and a turn of two of CdC at the thorax, Tube Body’s make for quick tying and a near-realistic artificial fishing fly. The fibre used to make these seems to accept felt pen easily, so those of a realistic bent can shade and segment them easily enough. Tube Bodys are longer than thorax of the insects they are used to represent, so should be tied in at the desired length.

Looking at the Small Mayfly the taper and diameter of these is about right for medium sized up-winged flies. Large size Mayfly Tube Bodys are really aiming at Mayfly (E. danica) and Green Drake, so although useful for those hatches are less useful overall. Stimulator, Hopper, Caddis and the like all have applications – caddis, crickets, daddy longlegs, etc.

This type of pre-formed body has been about for some time and the result can be excellent. However it seems they have yet to catch the imagination of UK tyers – a pity, really. Hard to know if we are simply staid in our tying habits or put off by cost.

Prices for Hemingway’s Tube Bodys vary by type and size – small Mayfly cost £4.50 per pack of 10 – large are £3.10 per pack of 5 – Bodys without tails are £3.70 per pack of 10.


From: Hemingway’s stockists
(Stockist details from www.rightanglefishing.co.uk)

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