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By Magnus Angus

Grey ...
Grey ...
... and khaki
... and khaki

CdC is a familiar feather so there’s probably no need for an introduction to the material itself. Hemingway’s new UK distributor, Right Angle Fishing, sent through two sample packs, Light Gray and Khaki. Both are natural coloured, meaning they haven’t been dyed; the species of duck gives them their colour.

As a colour description, Light Grey works just fine. It’s lighter than the warm, mid-grey CdC I source from mallard ducks. Khaki seemed a little misleading when I looked at the wad of feathers in the pack; they look brown. Single out one feather and it makes more sense, khaki originally meant “dusty, dust covered or earth coloured,” and a single plume does look more grey/brown than brown.

Feathers from both packs seem to be in first class condition. Plume sizes vary from tiny and hardly useful to large (for CdC), larger than typical mallard CdC. The really tiny feathers mean there will be some waste from a pack, but not a lot. The vast majority of the feathers are of fly tying size.

Because these feathers have not visited a dye-bath they are fluffy and slightly oily – exactly the way CdC should be (those delicate barbules and natural oils are what make CdC float so washing, dyeing and even handling can damage CdC – natural is good!)

Given feather size, quality and quantity the pack price seems reasonable.


Price: £3.75 per pack
From: Hemingway’s stockists
(Stockist details from www.rightanglefishing.co.uk)

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