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Collins Barred Ginger cock neck

By Magnus Angus

Sharp lively hackle.
Sharp lively hackle.

This is the natural colour, no dyeing or bleach. Look close into the pale and dark bars and to my eye the dark bars are near ‘red game’, the pale bars are a shade of ginger.

Open a hackle, spread the barbs to check the hackle size, the effect is subtle and lively. The comparison is exactly the same as a grizzle cape next to a dark dun. Replacing a red game hackle with a barred ginger from this cape adds a subtle difference, more detail, more interest. Simple as that, just replace one hackle with another and the effect is completely changed.

A very well prepared cape. The skin is exceptionally impressive –  very supple, dry and clean – no fat or oils whatsover on the skin or feathers. The feathers are in fine condition, they feel like that may have been washed? I’d be interested to know how the skin was prepared, I assume flesh scraped then washed.

The hackles are clean, no damaged tips, I can find no immature feathers. Good range of dry fly hackle sizes, down below #20, and plenty feathers on the cape. In the section of the cape I’d expect to use most, the hackles seem long enough to hackle two moderately hackled flies. Fine supple stems, good clean barbs with very little web.

This feels and looks like an exceptionally well prepared, working cape. Slightly worryingly I’d now happily replace one or two of my red game capes with a Barred Ginger.


Price: £30
From: Funky Flytying
Tel: 01823 617373

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