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100 Best Flies for Atlantic Salmon By Topher Browne

By Magnus Angus

Sold as a companion to Atlantic Salmon Magic, again the price has been cut dramatically. A simple, wee book which, including the 10 bonus flies, illustrates 110 contemporary salmon flies. The key word there is contemporary, and these are flies from around the Atlantic salmon fishing world. I don’t know of another collection like this, most fly compendiums I can think of include historic patterns, or specialise in regional or national flies or a particular style of fly. This feels like flies from the UK, Iceland, USA and Canada, Scandinavia and Russia, etc have equal weight, equal emphasis, I guess this reveals how international and unified modern salmon fishing is.

Light on text, we get a few words to explain chapters like ‘Hitched Flies’ the bulk of pages offer profile photographs of the flies on one side with a simple list of materials on the facing page. Many flies are tied by Topher Browne and Ronald Sutherland, a few credited to other tyers include the late Warren Duncan. One or two of the pictures look to me like detail has been lost in printing.

This is not an introduction to tying, and does not explain how to make the flies – that said, anyone who ties salmon flies has a useful source of reference and inspiration.


100 Best Flies for Atlantic Salmon By Topher Browne
Photography by Ted Fauceglia
Published by Wild River Press
Price: £7.95

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