October 2021


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The Corixa fixer

7 ways to success with water boatmen this autumn

Better than a bung

Tying the perfect duo dry fly

David v Goliath

Do we fish too big on small stillwaters?

A rod for all reasons

Choosing the salmon rod to suit your river

Edinburgh lines

Escape to the City's outer lochs

Monster munch

A monster fly... for monster trout

Home and away

Tackling mullet in September, in UK and off the Costa Blanca

Taff Price

The life and colour of 'the brother of the hackle'

Behind the mask

Exploring the variety and flies you can tie from a hare's mask

Up and running

Exciting prospects for the little river Meon

Tackle bag

Mackenzie lines, tough breathable waders, low-alcohol beers

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