October 2005


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Adjusting to change

Environmental changes are breaking down the fishes' food chain, and anglers need to modify their patterns and approach to suit, says George Barron.

Bridge builders to the future

The Wild Trout Trust is undertaking a project to restore the River Wensum near Fakenham. Peter Lapsley talks to its Director, Simon Johnson.

Combat fly-fishing

At the recent World Youth Fly Fishing championships in the Czech Republic Charles Jardine was amazed at how different and committed Czech anglers.

Dam fine fishin'!

After a lifetime of fly-fishing, Derek S Stratton experiences his finest fishing adventure in Colorado.

Don't let the Killer Bug go down the plug hole

If you are a grayling fanatic and have never tried Frank Sawyer's Killer Bug, give it a go, urges Malcolm Greenhalgh, who suggests that the copper wire is perhaps a more significant part of the dressing.

Golden Gunns

Davy MacPhail selects his three favourite October patterns and tells us how to fish them.

Hair today: a consumer's guide

An abundance of new materials has stimulted today's salmon fly-tyer's imagination. Ross MacDonald assesses some of the new hairs and furs on the market.

If looks could kill

Vague suggestion or close imitation? Stan Headley investigates a trout's 'trigger' points to find out why close copies are poor fish-catchers - apart from close-copy Buzzers.

October alternatives

October can be one of the prime months of the year, but it is often mis-labelled as 'fry feeding time.' In reality, not all fish in the reservoir are gorging on small fish. Bev Perkins advises us how to tackle these fish.

Swinging some lead

Casting with heavily leaded flies can be made easier by adapting an oval cast, says Charles Jardine

Textbook Tying

Buoyancy plus a slim profile is a deadly fly-tying cocktail, and the Muddle May has both. It is a classic from the mid-80's and is an ideal fly for rough water. Mick Huffer demonstrates how to tie and fish it.

The Coot.com

The rise and falls of the stock market inspired Peter Hayes to name the fly he uses when fish are feeding on 'infinitesima'.

The curious fly tyer - No. 21

Bill Logan looks at dubbing and says that by giving this just a bit of thought and extra effort we'd have better flies.

To boldly go

Geoffrey Bucknall has fished upper Teesdale for three decades. He tells us why he returns time and time again to this wilderness just off the A1 where truly wild fish are found.

5 in stock