November 2008


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A merry dance

How to tie the Yellow Dancer, the fly that's selling out in central Scotland.

Casting missiles

How to cast big fry patterns ... without hooking the back of your head!

Catch the Bugeilyn bug

The true, wild spirit of brown trout is alive and kicking in this corner of Wales.

Flies and leaders

How the tying of flies in the wrong place on the cast can lead to tangle trouble.

Fly of the Month

Tie Aylott's Orange and The Puppa.

Grayling focus

How to tie and fish the Tup Wool Bug; Profiling the Grayling Society.


Superb wild trouting in Australia; A stillwater fisher's paradise in Iceland; Affordable salmon and trout fishing in south-west France; The insane, exhilarating aggression of Argentina's dorado.

Join up!

Reap the rewards of club membership.

Mylar in a spin

Dave Riding spins Mylar tubing like deer-hair to create sparkly flies.

Salmon on the Dog

How to tie and fish the Garry Dog.

Sticks and carrots and Luddites

Mike Harding wonders what Izaac Walton would have thought of a rod made from carrots.

The wild trout's wish list

Neil Patterson explains how design and nature turn his Shrimp into an advertising billboard that says, "Eat me!"

Wake up and smell the coffee

Tie a floating snail or beetle imitation with the help of a coffee bean.

2 in stock

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