November 2004


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A season of challenges

Reflect on this season with Peter Lapsley, who this year has made minor - but impressive - adjustments to his approach.

Back-end trends

Study the world's top salmon flies with Chris Mann.

By the Mountains of Mourne

Reporting on the Carlingford Lough bass festival, and examining this significant sea lough's saltwater potential.

Elegant Snakes

Obtain extra casting distance with our step-by-step (pictures too!) guide to the Snake Roll.

Fly-tying League

The deadline for Round 1 of the League is December 17, 2004, so get tying now!

Getting in phase

It's not just the trout's life-cycle we need to consider; it's also its seasonal feeding regime.

Loch Leven

It's the end of the rainbow as Leven reverts to browns.

NEW SERIES! Antiques of the future

You are invited . . . to your attic! Chris Sandford urges you to check what tackle goodies might be lurking up there - and he will value your potential treasures.

Nymphs at the double

Find out how competition fishing has evolved and mastered a new upstream Nymphing technique.

Textbook Tying

Tie a Zulu - and its variants - with Mick Huffer.

Woolly thinking

Spin and scuplt yarn into Minnows, Baitfish and Frogs.

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