May 2007


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A view from the chalkstreams

Gordon Mackie ponders over the ever-changing hatches of Mayfly

A weighty matter

Do you have 'too much reel'? Brian Harris explains why you should give more thought to what type of fishing you're doing

Ace of Spades

"This is real fly tying!" Mick Huffer ties that early season classic for rainbows or brownies, floating or sinking lines, and for fast or slow retrieves

Alaskan jackpot

The Kanektok has one of the largest runs of sockeye salmon in the world, but also, as Patrick Lloyd discovered, plenty of other species


Charles Jardine ties a fly crafted in honour of his daughter 18 years ago and which is still effective today

Crash landings

John Tyzack explains why he is never without his Hawthorn fly

Doing your homework

Using the River Dart as a case study, Dave Grove illustrates how the weather contributes significantly to sea trout success

May on Menteith

Malcolm Anderson shares sub-surface tactics for this fine loch

Mayflies tried and tested

Resist the temptation to over-dress your imitations, says Peter Lapsley, who offers seven proven patterns

Stance 2

Does your cast veer off to the side? Charles Jardine says stance may play a part in your problem

The gentle touch

Keep it light. Malcolm Greenhalgh explains why two fly fishers, each with identical tackle and tactics, will have very different success rates

To drogue, or not to drogue

Why some anglers use a drogue and others don't

Top of the lochs

Bruce Sandison tells us why Caithness's Loch Watten is one of his favourite lochs

Wind-assisted trout

Charles Jardine spends a day on the bank with John Wadham, the fly fisher's fly fisher

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