March 2018


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Angling Club of the Month

Waterford City and County Trout Angler's Association is helping to attract youngsters to the sport

Earning your stripes

Lessons learned whilst fly fishing for large perch

Fantastic Faroe

Exploring the wild fishing potential of the remote Faroe Islands

Fish on!

How does the salmon take a fly?

French Polish

Howard Croston's customised river set up explained

Parachute instruction

The final fly in this year's Fly Tying League

Sewin in the sunshine

An effective Spider pattern for daytime sea trout (and salmon!)

The Colonels Cold Cure

Warm the hearts of early season stillwater trout!

The vital cog

Charles Jardine is reassured that the tackle shop is here to stay

Trigger-point Buzzer

Bob Carnhill's Poly-rib C Buzzer Pupa

Tubes with flare

Magnus Angus reviews a new tube tying system


A Cortland Competition MkII rod up for grabs!

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