March 2006


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12 best-kept secrets

Famed for its salmon fishing, Malcolm Greenhalgh takes us on a journey around Ireland's trout rivers

A view from the chalkstreams

Skues' footsteps; Going wild

Best in the District

Wild trouting in The Lakes

Corrib's early buzz

Even better than the Mayfly?

Inspiration in a flash

Ally Gowans tells us how dinner with some fishing friends led him to invent the most popular salmon fly, the Cascade

March river madness

John Tyzack heads to the Scottish Borders to experience the March Brown hatch on the Tweed

Match of the day

Peter Lapsley asks: fly fishing, fly rod fishing, artificial bait fishing

Opening trio

Now that the opportunity to get out and fish is there, Allan Liddle selects his team of trout flies for those first few outings

The Cockroach

Wherever you plan to fish saltwater species, the Cockroach is a fly you must have in your box. Mick Huffer shows how to tie this easy but effective fly

The curious fly tyer. No.26

When it comes to dubbing fly bodies, Bill Logan is only interested in ingenuity that has brevity and is effortless

The honest method

Loch fishers tend to overlook an approach which works in various conditions whether from boat, bank or float tube

The pike men of Ireland

Ad Swier gets in his float tube and hunts for pike in 'secret' loughs

Total recall?

After observing trout at close range, Doug Agar concludes that a trout's memory isn't as short-term as he first thought, and that we should re-think our approach to refusals

Trout in the powder

Ski-ing and flt fishing in Colorado proved to be with perfect wedding present for Theo Pike


Mobile weighted Nymphs from France

Ups and downs

The quality of salmon fishing varied all over Ireland in 2005. John Todd looks at how individual fisheries fared

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