January 2008


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A stitch in time ...

A fail-safe method of creating a loop in a fly line.

Casting Clinic

Eliminating energy-sapping wiggles from our back/up casts.

Duck to water

The virtues of simple tyings in CdC.

Flexible friends

How lightweight tube flies can increase your salmon catch rate.

Flies of the British Isles

Orkney's James Bews offers up nine wild brown trout flies for the Catskills Museum in America.

Fly of the Month

Tie the Super Fry, a fry pattern which exudes vulnerability to the predatory trout.

Grayling with the flow

Fine tuning to get your hooks into grayling.

Nomads of the Monnow

Steffan Jones tells us of his love affair with the Monnow and how he keeps returning for more.

Scruffy, spikey and buggy

Tie a Gold-ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph.

Take a rain check

Why clouds don't always mean good fishing.

Textbook Tying

One for the bank. Mick Huffer ties a Teasy Weasy.

The aliens have landed

Charles Dutton calls for the eradication of Himalayan balsam.

The praise of Gairloch

The solitude of this wild trouter's paradise in Wester Ross.

The purity of the breed

Wild v stockies? The consequences of stocking our wild fisheries.

The rainbows nation

The delightful dry-fly fishing in the KwaZulu Natal Drakensberg mountain region of South Africa.

X-factor fly 2007

Neville Walker's Pink Lady Mayfly is the winning fly.

2 in stock