January 2006


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Belt and braces

Trout teeth ruin a fly. Bob Wyatt suggests how to make your flies last longer

Bread-and-butter Bibio

Allan Liddle has adapted a favourite, traditional bob fly to be fished static as a dry fly for brownies

Dry fly in the snow

John Tyzack had a magical time springtime stonefly fishing in Finland

Get on stream!

Attack the river, US-style: "the takes are like being hit by a sizeable sandbag pulsing with an electric charge"

Grin and bear it!

Malcolm Greenhalgh is philisophical about the contrasts between great fishing and poor fishing

In the deep mid-winter

For the winter stillwater angler, Malcolm Anderson offers a selection of his deadly patterns

In the shadows of dinosaurs

Peter Lapsley explores the amazing entomology collection housed in the Natural History Museum in London

Shrimps on an even keel

Jimmy Younger stumbled on a way of ensuring his single and double-hooked Shrimp flies swim on an even keel

The little tip you can't ignore

The midge-tip was THE innovation of 2005. Stan Headley explains their magic and shows how to make one

The Silver Invicta Spider

Mick Huffer shows how you can adapt an all-time favourite pattern, so it can be fished slower and more enticingly

Time for a Scooby snack

Zoiks! Dave Westthorp ties useful flies with the latest kids' craze

Winter pike

Exciting pike sport is still possible at this time of year. Rudy van Duijnhoven explains how to entice one to grab your streamer

3 in stock