May 2020


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A match made in Heaven

A story of catch-and-release

Big trout country

Charles Jardine is astounded

Bring to the boil

A Pupa for the evening rise


Lessons from the Bonefish school

Chief of the Muddlers

Go-to salmon bob-fly

Crucial crucian clinches contest

Fly For Coarse 2019 winners announced

Final draw of the net?

Coastal, migratory fish and trout will benefit

It must be May!

Essential clues for success

Mouse trapped!

Dapping with Mice on reservoirs

On the bench

An in-depth look at Golden Pheasant heads

Tasmanian gold

World Champion, Howard Croston describes his last two sessions on river and lagoon


Win a Snowbee Prestige Gold Reel!

7 in stock