September 2020


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A question of depth

How to fine-tune fly-depth on reservoirs

Dapping 'cheats'

A few tweaks to make your dapping more successful

Flat tinsel

How to achieve perfect results

River fisher armoury

Tactics and tackle to break a blank

Soldier of fortune

A Soldier Beetle pattern which has collected a list of honours

Spanish gold

Exciting bluewater fly-fishing, just a short-haul flight away

Supper for the Sedge-sipper

A low-riding Deer Hair Pupa for trout and grayling

The magnificent 7

Hand picked wild Welsh streams

Trout extinction rebellion

A club fighting back from the brink of destruction

Turning the salmon fly on its head

Have we been tying our trout and salmon flies upside down?


Win a fly tying station!

64 in stock