October 2019


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A man may fish

Meet underwater film-maker, Jack Perks

A proper fly

Magnus Angus reviews Mousey McMouseface - yes, really...

Angling's pet hate

Investigating the problems and routes to a solution for fishery managers affected by the cormorant

Autumn low down

22 gilt-edged tips for low autumn rivers from Roman Moser

Caddis de Leon

Getting the most out of one Coq de Leon feather

Cut and blend

Magnus Angus reviews an easy going dubbing rake

El slam

Colin MacLeod aims to achieve a mullet grand slam in one day

King of the flats

Fishing the remote south coast of Cuba from a mothership

Lovely bubbly!

The champagne fizz of a reservoir's aerators is often a trout magnet, here's how to tackle fishing them

October rainbows

Now is the time to target the biggest, fittest, fully finned and naturalised rainbow trout

Sandford's Creel

Chris Sandford documents the £400,000 spring vintage tackle auctions, and looks forward to the autumn ones

West to East

This shrimp had origins on the Isle of Lewis but has migrated well throughout Scotland to the rivers of the east

6 in stock

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