October 2018


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Angling Club of the month

Ally Gowans discovers the action-packed lochs and rivers of Stornoway Angling Association

Footloose with a four-weight

Fishing Clatworthy reservoir with just a rod, reel and a back-pack...

Glamping with Brookies

Neil Patterson goes camping in Patagonia in search of the fish that excites him most

Lofty perch

A clever Peter O'Reilly perch imitation for making the best of the onset of fry-feeding time

Mending - an English disease?

County Mayo's clear-water Delphi fishery enables Mark Bowler to make some rare and valuable observations on salmon behaviour

Mercury rising

Colin MacLeod says this summer's heatwave has produced excellent mullet catches

Mountain fresh trout

With low flows and baking temperatures in the valley, George Barron packed light to enjoy great sport in the mountains

Now where did I put it...?

Howard Croston details how he organises all his tackle for a day's fishing so everything is easily to hand

Potent Brew

A high intensity Dabbler to pull fish from the deep water, demonstrated by George Burdess

Swimming with sharks

Is this why our salmon are suffering at sea?

Twitch and trout

Allan Liddle visits a loch-fishing gem in a bird-watcher's paradise

6 in stock