August 2019


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Angling club of the month

Dulverton Angling Association offers a summer escape

August approaches

Flies and tactics to enjoy high-summer action on the lakes

Early risers

The pressure was on to catch an early mullet!

Jim Jam's Genius

A reed smut imitation that ain't half effective

Nature's way with summer carp

No bread or biscuits required!

Prize from the rise

Its not all about tying on the correct fly - it's about where you cast it


Win a mackenzie NX1 rod

Seeing the ultralite

Scaling down to increase the fun and efficacy!

Send for the Grenadiers!

Dr Bell's age-old fly and its variants are dynamite on our reservoirs

Spot the shrimp

Andy Saunders demonstrates how to tie his Parasitised Shrimp, designed by nature to attract trout

The changing face of Scottish wild trouting

Is a change in attitude causing a significant improvement in the quality of Scotland's brownies?

What's my line?

Negotiating the minefield of different salmon fly line profiles

8 in stock