August 2018


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Ancient versus modern

How contemporary fly patterns compare with older styles

Angling club of the month

Dom Garnett meets Clatworthy Fly Fishing Club

Czech Nymphing with dries

Short-line techniques for a variety of adverse fishing conditions

Dead drift - a dead loss?

Howard Croston says there are many situations when moving your fly can out-score the perceived wisdom of nymphing

Re-wilding our rivers

To make a perfect trout stream Malcolm Greenhalgh believes we need to get back to nature

Salmon by Association

A tour for canny day-ticket salmon anglers

Shrimp Special

Tying the tasty Soft Touch Shrimp

Six stunning damsels

Having a Damsel imitation on the leader is often useful - and sometimes critical to success

The attraction of cheap sherry

Andrew Moss stumbles on some ideal materials to perfect his Blue-winged Olive Spinner

The mighty Sparrow

Tying Jack's Sparrow!

Wedding Belles

Colin MacLeod celebrated the Royal Wedding by kicking off his mullet season

When is a rise ...not a rise?

Identifying the underwater spinner fall

Wild trout Shin-dig

Why big, bold and beautiful Loch Shin is a destination well worth considering

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