December 2008


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5 lessons from the season

Lessons in hooks, daddies, hawthorns and yellow Mays.

Egg beaters

Cracking winter grayling - the ideal fly and tactic.

Grand Slam Crab

A unique crab fly which swims on an even keel.

How to deal with being skunked

Why a blank day isn't always such a bad thing.

In the shop window

How to tie a bubble-wing with CdC.

Nations divided

Interesting trends in salmon flies from around the world.

Saving salar's cousins

Why Scotland's anglers are suddenly catching vendace, powan and charr in their wild trout waters.

Steps to heaven

Dilligent prospecting can find the fly fisher unfished chalkstreams.

The Cul de Canard

Why this French fly is the one above all others.

The doctor will see you now

Mike Harding muses over fly fishing ailments.

Tigers in Livingstone's footsteps

Clive Holloway is one of the first fly fishers to tackle beautiful Lake Cahora Bassa in Mozambique, home to huge tigerfish.

Uncommonly good

Tie the Green Peter Muddler, the unlikely attractor for all salmonids.

Welsh work of art

Glaslyn Estate, a Victorian artist's bolt-hole on the upper Wye.

Wets with an aerial twist

How wet-fly fishers can gain valuable extra drift with a simple flick of the wrist.

When That Fails Too

Charles Jardine improves Bill Sibbon's super stalking fly.

2 in stock