December 2005


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Cape crusade

You don't have to travel too far in South Africa's Western Cape to experience some great mountain trouting, says Tom Sutcliffe

Czech this out!

In this follow up to his October report from the Czech Republic, Charles Jardine tells how the Czechs get their streamers really deep by holding the fly line pinioned to the bottom via the sunk rod tip

December bankers

This month has hitherto been uncharted territory for the reservoir fly fisher. Bev Perkins says that by keeping our tackle and methods simple we'll have success

Loopy? - get the shrink

Rudy van Duijnhoven announces a new method for making loops on fly lines and binding them together.

Nelson's cocktails fly again

On the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar, Theo Pike and others trace Admiral Lord Nelson's love of fly-fishing, and suggest the flies he woud have cast.

Net reward

Salmon anglers usually feel revulsion towards salmon netsmen, but, says Malcolm Greenhalgh, there are many advantages in having them...

Stocking fillers

Last-minute hints for the perfect Christmas gift for the angler in your life

The ace in the hole

Why, when fishing for winter grayling, Bob Wyatt will use a team of Red Tags.

The curious fly tyer

Earrings? Bill Logan fashions some festive fly-tying gift ideas for our long-suffering friends and families. High fashion, indeed!

The way of a salmon with a fly

Alastair Gowans gets up close and personal and finds out just how salmon take a fly

Wading with carp

Mark Bowler went to the Camargue in southern France in the hope of landing a record-breaker.

4 in stock