August 2021


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Salt & Silver

Gearing up for sea trout in the sea

A hard's day's flight

With the coch-y-bonddu beetles

Let's fish the Clyde!

... for trophy trout

The lonely Llyn

A wild trout oasis in 'the mid-Wales desert'

Going commando

Using short heads on a 6-weight for 'search fishing' reservoirs

Sedge your bets

The caddis life-cycle – covered in 7 patterns

Targeting trophies

Tactics and tips for big trout in clear waters

​Mopping up

The fly for August's rivers

Tapered leaders

Which type and brand suits your style?

Dry fly tailing tips

Tie better, practical dry flies with a few extra turns of thread

When does a dry fly become an Emerger?

... and what constitutes 'fair fishing'

49 in stock