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US carp attack

The US government has shown its determination to eradicate its waters of the invasive Asian carp by allocating funding to control it. Asian bighead, silver, black, and grass carp are invasives which damage native and sport fisheries by  outcompeting native and sport fish for food. Silver carp also pose a danger to anglers and boaters, leaping out of the water when disturbed by noise. Michael Butler, CEO of Tennessee Wildlife Federation said: “We applaud the foresight of Congressional leaders who came together on this issue. Asian carp are wreaking havoc on our aquatic ecosystems – including many threatened endangered species – while also making rivers and lakes unusable for recreation, destroying local economies. This type of far-reaching, proactive work is exactly what smart conservation requires.” The budget agreement includes $25 million for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to fight Asian carp.

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