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Underwater fish cameraman seeks funding for film on British fish

If you ever come across a bearded man in a wetsuit, snorkel and goggles, holding a camera emerging from your local river, then it's likely to be underwater fish photographer, Jack Perks, who is currently working on producing the first UK wildlife film to focus just on fish.

Over the course of his eight-year career, Jack has filmed every freshwater fish in the UK, plus many of the marine species, but he needs the public to help him achieve his goal.

"Most TV channels won't fund a film on brown, slimy boring things" says Jack, "However we anglers of course know they are so much more than that, with the ruby reds and kingfisher blues on the grayling's dorsal fin or the deadly patience of a pike waiting for an unsuspecting shoal of rudd to pass by. We have many amazing wildlife spectacles on our doorsteps, all unfolding beneath the waterline. This film aims to showcase hidden, untold stories about British fish".

The short film will be narrated by biologist and TV's River Monsters' Jeremy Wade along with with a crew of editors, composers, consultants and camera operators, and Jack wants to re-capture the style of filming set by Passion for Angling, with Bernard Cribbins, Chris Yates and Bob James, which first captivated anglers back in 1993.

"This is a crowd-funded project so we are relaying entirely on the public to donate towards it to make it happen. It's a non-profit film and will be made available for anyone to watch online eventually", added Jack, who will be filming some sequences, but primarily taking the role of producer.

"We need £30,000 which, granted, sounds like a lot but is a shoestring budget for an approximately hour-long wildlife special filmed over a couple of years". So far the fund has garnered £19,000.

A Crowdfunding site has been set up which welcomes individual and corporate donations. There is also a fishing auction and raffle.

To donate to the Crowdfunder, click here

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