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Scotland’s fishing may start by the end of May

Scotland’s First Minister gave anglers some hope of connecting with the trout and salmon on its rivers and lochs, in announcing today (May 18) that fishing in Scotland may be permitted by the end of May. In discussing a widening spread of people who could be tested for Covid-19 as Scotland builds its test, trace, isolate and support strategy, she led onto saying that, having set this testing platform then the first steps to “some form of normality” could take place.

She went on to say that, on Thursday (May 21) she will outline Scotland’s ‘route-map’ for exiting the lockdown and – assuming there is progress in suppressing the virus – “the first phase will start from the next formal review date of 28 May”.

Part of that first phase, which would be introduced “within a few days” of the review, will include the allowance of “limited outdoor sporting activities, like golf and fishing; the opening of garden centres and recycling facilities; and the resumption of some outdoor work”. She suggested this phase may also include meeting outdoors with someone from another household (whilst still maintaining social distancing).

“This first phase will coincide with our ability to start, on a phased basis, a substantial test, trace and isolate operation to help us keep the virus under control as we start to ease up restrictions. That part is absolutely crucial”, she warned.

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