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New National Bank Pairs Competition launched this autumn

A new small stillwater bank competition for families and friends has been launched by Fishing 4 Schools. Taking place this autumn, Charles Jardine, the founding director of Fishing 4 Schools, sees the competition as an entirely different way of introducing fly fishers to lighthearted competitive fishing, and wants it to "put a smile on your face, the possibility of catching a few trout... and maybe a prize or two".

Heats will be run nationally at key small-water trout fisheries throughout October and November with the final to be fished at the prestigious Northamptonshire water, Elinor, during early December.

The competition is the brainchild of Fishing 4 Schools lead coach, Richard Winser, who emphasises that it is aimed at being friendly and relaxed. He hopes  the 'Bank Partners' competition "will bring about a completely new dimension to competitive fly fishing... People who might normally be deterred by the mere mention of ‘competition’, will be surprised at how much fun it can be!"
Younger contestants are encouraged to enter and will be awarded a special 'bonus points reckoner' to level the playing field. In addition, the organisers want to encourage regular local anglers of any age and gender to join the 'Bank Partners' for the day. 

The competition element is based on a pair of anglers entering, who fish together as a team from the bank, with a bonus system applicable to younger contestants. Placings are determined on the combined aggregate catch weight (plus a time-bonus, if applicable). There will be prizes awarded for all top three placings.

The competition will take place between 10am and 3pm, with a catch-limit of four fish per pair (irrespective of who catches them in the ‘pair’), thereafter a time bonus will apply. Pairs will be moved around the fishery by a controller every 50 minutes. Younger contestants may also qualify for additional ‘bonus’ points. Strict Covid guidelines will be in place.

Anglers of all ages and ability are encouraged and welcomed to participate. All of those placed will qualify for the National Final to be held at Elinor Trout Fishery, Lowick Road, Aldwincle, Kettering NN14 3EE on Sunday, December 6, 2020.
 Entitled the National Small Stillwater Championships, the competition is being run to help raise funds for the Countryside Alliance's Fishing 4 Schools charity (registered charity 1121034), which delivers in education through fishing in settings throughout the country.

Regional Qualifiers

October 10 at Kilnsey Park, Skipton. Contact: Leigh Fidell, fishing@kilnseypark.co.uk

October 10 and November 14 at Narborough, Rib Valley. Contact: Richard Winser

October 10 and November 14 at Meon Springs, Manningford. Contact: Rob Doyle

South East
October 10 and 17 at Brick Farm, Tenterton. Contact: Rob Barden / Bob Goble
r.p.barden@btinternet.com / robert.4trout@gmail.com

South West
October 10 at Hawkridge, Somerset. Contact: Lee Hooper hooperft@gmail.com

Midlands and Wales
October 10 at Garnffyd, Llanelli, or November 14 at Ellerdine, Shropshire. Contact: Charles Jardine: charles@charlesjardine.co.uk

Entry fee is £80 per Pair (which includes venue fee).
Further information: https://www.fishingforschools.co.uk

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