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Lost tackle

Anglers are being asked to be on the look out for a fly rod, reel and line which were inadvertently left on the morning of Sunday, May 23, at the car park of High Newton Fishery in Cumbria. They belong to Edward Steele-Wilson of Preston, Lancashire.

The rod is a Hardy Ultralite Plus, 10ft, 7#, 3-piece. It has a grey blank, black whippings, brown hardwood reel seat, and one uplocking nut. The reel is a Hardy Golden Prince, 3⅛in dia, 7/8#, brown anodised, with gold engraved lettering, and the line is a Moss Green/Gold Rio Gold, WF8F.

Says Edward: "The manager checked the car park at 1000 hrs and with all people fishing at that time, but the equipment had already been discovered by whomever and suitably secreted.

"The descriptions and serial numbers have been given to Cumbria Constabulary, Lancashire Constabulary, Hardy & Greys Ltd., WADAA, fishing tackle shops and with ebay. All items can be traced.

"If a suitable venue or pick-up point can be arranged with whoever found the items and has now assumed ownership, I will be extremely grateful.

"I possess the rod joint stoppers, rod bag, tube, reel pouch, spare spools. All items can be appropriately matched and are traceable."

The items in question may be returned to any police station lost property department. Alternatively, Edward can be contacted with a view to arranging a suitable venue where he can be reunited with his equipment. Adds Edward: "I state quite categorically, absolutely no questions will be asked. If you are interested in returning the items to their rightful owner, please make immediate and confidential contact with my mobile telephone, 07879 213462 or my email address, wildtrout@uwclub.net."

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