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Devastating pollution incident on the Leadon

Devastating pollution incident on the Leadon

Above: The River Leadon (Image courtesty Geograph.org.uk, © Philip Halling)

A pollution incident on the River Leadon, near Dymock could have a massive impact upon a 15km section of the waterway, say the Gloucester Angling Club.

Writing on the club’s blog, member Richard Mander notes that “the damage appears to have been done by what they call an agricultural digestate which is a by-product of an anaerobic digester.” Mr Mander suggests the damage may have originated from a nearby recycling plant.

Mr Mander continues, saying that “The killer content of this type of effluent is undissolved ammonia with readings of 0.25 causing distress to fish and invertebrates. Our little river of death was carrying readings of 5.2.”

The EA are aware of the incident and have been working on limiting the impact, having had the incident reported to them within an hour of the original spillage. The significance of the incident cannot be taken lightly, having now been categorised as of “national significance”.

The incident comes as a huge blow to the Gloucester Angling club, not just in terms of the environmental impact, but financially – the club have just re-stocked this stretch. Legal proceedings are underway.

For further information on the spill and to see videos showing the impact visit: http://www.gloucesteranglingclub.co.uk/blog/2016/7/28/devastating-pollution-hits-the-leadon

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