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All Welsh anglers can now drive to local fishing

Having said that Welsh anglers can fish last week, in an update today anglers have now been informed that they can drive to fish, providing it is a short distance and local.

Previousy, anglers could only fish if they could walk or cycle to the water. This was later updated to allow the disabled to drive to lpcal fishing. Today, having confirmed anglimng was an exercise, the government and NRW stated: “The regulations state exercise should be done locally, which means people cannot drive to exercise outside their local area, and you must exercise alone or with a member of your household. The primary purpose for leaving home should be to exercise.”

The announcement follows continued efforts by the Countryside Alliance and Angling Cymru to lobby Welsh Government to allow sensible driving to go fishing.

The Angling Trust stated: “This is fantastic news for Welsh anglers, whom for many, their mental and physical wellbeing depends on being able to enjoy fishing in the outdoors, as an exercise and as a pastime. [We] put forward the case that driving short, local distances would be essential for anglers with mobility issues, the elderly, disabled, and for certain types of angling, that in some case require more tackle to be carried, and of course for those not lucky enough to live within walking distance of a suitable venue”.

Natural Resources Wales emphasised the fact that no anglers should attempt to travel to Wales from England. It also states anglers should: fish within their local area; follow the latest social distancing guidelines and stay at home guidance; have a valid fishing rod licence; adhere to fisheries byelaws, including the close season; have permission from the fishery owner.

The Angling Trust clarified that: “Travel for exercise is not unlimited in Wales, unlike in England. Please do not travel from Wales to fish in England and vice versa. In the case of freshwater angling you must check that the angling club or fishery has decided to re-open before fishing. Some may choose not to, please respect their wishes. This is particularly important in rural areas, where landowners and local residents have to be considered”.

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