Interesting. I have a padded strap behind my neck, a couple of elasticated straps under my arms – on my chest are two small packs separated by a zip and clip. These packs sit high on my chest, the tops are about level with my collarbone. The straps are wide, adjustable and comfortable, I think this sits higher and closer than any chest pack I have tried.

The packs are given stiffness and shape with a foam backing which is, of course, padding against my body – suits me and the pack. Then there’s two large zippered pockets, room for one or two fly boxes. On those are a pair of smaller pockets, which could take small boxes, but more likely tools and fly treatments. On the outside of the packs I have a pull-down fly patch on the left and a mesh front pocket on the right. And, as completing touches, both pouches have coil retractors at the back outside and Snowbee include a spool-holding lanyard for tippet nylon above the left pouch.

I think this will suit river waders very well indeed, placing the whole pack so high on my chest is ideal really. I am free to move my arms, to cast and haul. That said, some forms of modern river fishing take the emphasis away from casting towards wading deep with one arm outstretched in best heron imitation, while a long leader and French nymphs or jigs do the work.

A very neat pack, nicely made and finished, decent capacity, complicated to design and make, but the effect is of something simple, almost minimal – holds what I need and no more and puts the pieces in the right places.

May 2019 issue