Patagonia features Mel Krieger, best known to me as a charming, enthusiastic, entertaining casting teacher. This DVD is not about the casting instructor side of Mel. The ever-present narrator tells us that Mel has been fishing in Patagonia for 40 years – so we can be sure he knows what he’s at.

However, the narrator isn’t satisfied with my respect for Mel Krieger (why else would I buy the DVD?) and needs to needs to ram that down my throat by selling Mel as a legend, a near god of fly fishing. Then in similarly awestruck tones he tells me of the spiritual home of this and that – at length.

Dinner in one lodge is no streamside picnic, it’s like dining with royalty. Dinner looks great but, I mean, please …! Patagonia is a top fishing destination for sea trout and trout – mostly rainbow. As an angler travelling half way around the world, it’s that fishing experience I want. I can have fine-dining experiences a little closer to home.

Visually, this DVD does justice to the place, the images are quite gorgeous, Mel Krieger comes across with charm and warmth but seems almost an excuse, a foil for a promotional DVD. Which is a pity because Mel Krieger has a wealth of fishing experience and expertise in front of a camera – why not use it?

It seems to me, the Argentinean tourist board employed a writer of purple prose (extravagant, flowery, irritating prose) then gave the script to a narrator with a mellifluous voice, to deliver in shades of reverence and wonder. Resulting in an 80-minute advert for Patagonia and a few of its most expensive fishing lodges. Tune out the narration and the sales-pitch becomes less heavy handed, Mel Krieger’s Patagonia is beautiful and the fishing is sensational – that sells me on the idea of a fishing trip to Patagonia!