This seems to be the material of the moment, extremely soft, very elastic, silicon rubber ‘worms’. Originally, the material came from a kids toy, the colours were often lurid, but the action in water was the key feature. Now, the same material in more obviously fishing colours.

In the hand, these bundles are slightly unpleasant, feels just like a mass of wriggling worms. On a hook and in water, the soft rubber responds to the slightest micro-current – these look like worms. For the most part they need to be fished like worms!

As a tying material this is a strange, fragile material. I can think of a few tying materials which require similar care when tying. That said, I know of none which can auto-destruct in my fly box. This material needs careful tying, you will have flies fall apart on you. Use thick thread, use wire – be careful and experiment. Thin thread cuts through a ‘worm’, tight thread-wraps may not cut the ‘worm’ now, but they can and will later in your worm-fly-box. These worms don’t like glues, more specifically solvents, so standard varnishes are useless.

This is the only tying medium I can think of where flies must be tied and used while they are ‘fresh’ – hard to see how Squirmy Wormy flies can be commercialised – so, if you want Squirmy Wormies you will have to tie your own for the time being at least!

Price: £2.95 per generous pack, £9.99 for all five colours.
Phone: 01422 322954.